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Thought this was an interesting view at night of the tall buildings and the glow with the clouds. Later down you can see a panorama view of the city.
Wow, this is the fanciest ferry boat I have ever seen. Well used public transportation.
Loved these bowls while walking through the market. Very colorful.
Typical of a harbor city, many fishing boats ready for duty.
Siomay dish is steamed fish dumpling with vegetables served in peanut sauce and similar to Dim Sum.
Glad they put it in English as I would have no idea what nectar I was buying.
You thought parking was bad in the US big cities, ridiculous here.
Nice panoramic view of the city with only a small amount of smog lingering.
People people everywhere around the stores.
Chi Lin Nunnery buildings are the only buildings to be built using ancient architectural techniques without any iron nails in modern day Hong Kong

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